About Us

The health and human service industry are changing. With the public placing new demands on the quality of health care being offered, providers are being forced to seek new heights of excellence. The professional consulting team at Health Management Services, LLC is aware of these current changes and understands the need for progress.

As government regulations increase, competition expands, technology advances, and public demands escalate, administration and management are being challenged. Our firm is responsive to these challenges. HMS provides professional healthcare management, strategic planning, and marketing services for public or private, not-for-profit or for-profit organizations. HMS assists in achieving the professional results required of health care providers in today’s market.

As well as providing our services to hospitals, clinics, assisted living, and nursing homes, HMS has also serviced state and federal government contracts.  In addition, HMS has worked with many tribal organizations to meet the needs of their elderly health care needs in rural areas throughout the Northwest.

While providing healthcare management, strategic planning, and marketing consultation, HMS has developed a wide range of services to better meet the needs of health and human services providers. These include fundraising, recruitment services, institutional accounting systems, technical writing, market and community relations expertise, site selection and architectural review, and computer services.

Health Management Services, LLC is a team of accomplished professionals in management, planning, financial and marketing services. By bringing innovative ideas combined with dependable experience to each of our projects, HMS continues to assist in achieving the high-performance level demanded in today’s market.